Trey Songz Turns Himself into LAPD

Trey Songz Turns Himself into LAPD

By Jamie Lamor Thompson

photo credit: Jamie Lamor Thompson // Shutterstock

Trey Songz has turned himself into the LAPD, following his alleged accuser speaking to the media last week.

Trey turned himself in for the alleged incident of him striking a woman, Andrea Buera, he was partying with during NBA All Star weekend. Trey was joined by his attorney, Shawn Holley, as he was booked for felony domestic violence, and then released around 8 am, when he posted a $50,000 bond.

During the press conference last week, Andrea, spoke on the night Trey allegedly hit her in the club after he became jealous of her speaking to another man. Andrea says the two were at an after party when Trey allegedly began yelling at her, choking and punching her. She claims people stood and watched as security had to pull Trey off her as he continuously hit her. When she tried to call an Uber, she claims Trey grabbed her cell phone and threw it. The accuser shames all witnesses who were at the scene, who have not come forward to speak in her favor. Andrea explain how she had to go to the hospital due to a concussion and she was throwing up due to migraines.

Written by Clarke Jones