Friday Night Battle with Clarke Jones

Friday Night Battle with Clarke Jones

Each and every Friday at 9:30p on 101.9 Kiss FM, Clarke Jones is hosting the Friday Night Battle! Two unsigned artists going head-to-head. Each artist will have one of their tracks played and the ENC will call in to vote on who returns the next Friday!

Win 4 weeks in a row & your music will be added to our Local Artist Spotlight playlist, posted on our Facebook and Instagram pages as well as on our website! Plus, whenever we need an opening act for a show, you’ll be the first person we call on!

To enter, email Clarke two of your hottest song to Songs must be CLEAN. Include artwork for the song in the email as well.

There is no guarantee your songs will be played! Only the best will get featured in the Friday Night Battle.

Now is your chance to be heard!

Once COVID-19 is over, we’ll get back to having Freestylers in the studio on Friday Nights!


E.T.A. The 8 Out of Fayetteville Wins First Month of Friday Night Battle!

Congrats to ETA the 8, out of Fayetteville, NC, he won the first round of the Friday Night Battle with his song “Choosy”! 4 Friday Nights in a Row! Over time ETA has dropped a few albums that are definitely worth the listen! His sound is simply a good vibe! He’s an artist to look…