Creed III Review!!!

Creed III Review!!!

They say the third time is always the charm, right? In the case of the third movie in the Creed franchise.. IT’S ALL FACTS!!! I went to see Creed 3 and it was EASILY the best in the series. Amazing performances by everyone in the cast and my man Michael B. Jordan did an INCREDIBLE job in his directorial debut.

First of all, I rarely ever pay attention to people’s social media reactions to movies because I’d rather judge for myself. I kept seeing mixed reviews from people who’ve seen Creed 3 over the weekend and I had some free time and decided to go check it out for myself and I was NOT disappointed. Great action, great drama, great acting.. even some decent comedy thrown in there. I’ve been talking about how good of an actor I think Jonathan Majors is and him playing ‘Diamond’ Dame Anderson just solidified him as one of the GOATs to me. It’s almost like he & Michael B. Jordan returning as Adonis Creed fed off of each other’s energy to draw the emotion out of the audience. You could feel the tension between them in every scene almost.

I really don’t wanna spoil anything for y’all so I ain’t gonna go to far into the story, but the fight scenes were dope as hell. ESPECIALLY the final fight scene at Dodger’s Stadium. The camera work, the way they switched to just them 2 in that huge stadium instead of thousands of fans cheering on was amazing to me. Also, by the time we got to the last fight in the movie, the way they built it up literally had me on the edge of my seat not knowing which way it would go.

Long story short… Definitely the best movie in the Creed franchise.. and one of the best movies in general that I’ve seen in a while. 5 outta 5 flame emojis!