Ant Man and The Wasp: Quantumania Review!!!

Ant Man and The Wasp: Quantumania Review!!!

If you know ME.. you know I’m always in the theaters on DAY ONE or earlier for anything in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and last week was no different! Last Thursday night I caught an early showing of Ant Man and The Wasp Quantumania at Bruin Theater here in New Bern and y’all know I gotta let you know what I thought about it.

To be completely honest, I was HYPED for this movie because 1) It’s the first movie in Phase 5 of the MCU. This is the movie that set up the next few years of stories from Marvel. Second reason being my man Johnathan Majors! Everything JM is in he absolutely KILLS it… and this movie was no different. Paul Rudd is hilarious as ALWAYS.. still weird picturing him as a superhero tho. Evangaline Lilly, Michael Douglas and everyone else in the movie did a GREAT job as well.. but in my opinion, if it wasn’t for Majors as Kang The Conqueror the movie woulda been a dub. I SAID WHAT I SAID!

This sequel to Ant Man honestly felt more like a Guardians of the Galaxy movie than anything else. I’m not gonna spoil anything for you.. but the story was cool. I feel like they just threw some stuff in there just to make the previous movies/stories connect. They did an incredible job building Kang into the next ‘Thanos’. Kang wanted ALL the smoke.. and to be real I don’t even think Thanos coulda stood a chance against him.

The action in the movie was pretty good. Great comedy. Majors did a great job of making you feel genuine fear of what Kang is capable of… and believe me… he didn’t show us his full potential by any means in this movie. Everything coming up in the MCU is all leading up to the Avengers: Kang Dynasty movie which is scheduled to release May 2nd 2025. In between then we’ve got Guardians of the Galaxy 3, The Marvels, Loki Season 2, Secret Invasion, Captain America: NWO, Thunderbolts, Blade, Deadpool 3 AND the new Fantastic 4 all scheduled to drop before then.. so this build up could be epic. But to be honest it was a half-assed start to it all. I give it 3 flames outta 5.