Known for his first and most successful project 5 DAYS 5 NIGHTS PT 2,Fayetteville, NC artist CLARK, comes back with RESPECT. RESPECT is a 14track album showcasing CLARK’s lyricism and progression in the indie music game while highlighting various up-and-coming artists from Fayetteville, Charlotte, and other surrounding cities. Two years after5 DAYS, 5 NIGHTS PT2, CLARK steps back into the booth to give listeners yet another well-versed album.With inspirations from top-charting artists like Kendrick Lamar, Big Sean, Drake, and J. Cole, CLARK solely looks up to his parents, Karen Clark and Ronald Clark Sr., regarding his growth in the music industry. Family is at the center of CLARK’s core values regarding his music,life, and character. His parents each made a name for themselves in the music industry, inspiring CLARK to follow in their footsteps and establish his own presence in the world of Hip Hop


Jamie Brown better known as Big Double but most of my family and friends call me Dubb. Most of my life I’ve been around the wrong crowd, staying out late, and lived life like it didn’t matter. By the age of 16 I shortened my time in the streets and put more time into music where I started rapping with my cousin Dorag and began learning how to freestyle with my brother Jadon. My senior year of high school I had dropped my first single, on sound cloud and Spotify, Grab and Go, Later shot my first solo video on my high school graduation day. During that summer I was accepted into A&T state university, moving out of my dukes house in New Bern and relocating to Chapel Hill with my sister before school started. During that time I was still finding myself and working in the shadows. I recorded most of my music on my phone, sending tracks back and forth to my brother Sur and Jayzo making the best of what we had, all around humble. An old friend of my sister, who also makes music introduced me to an underground studio that she goes to on a regular basis, where I watched her spit and rhyme like no other. Once I made it to college I began branching off to different people where I found a young producer I used to call Izzy. Izzy recorded and mixed my music at the time. With my versatility and his creative engineering we created a banger for a different vibe called “Notice”. As the years passed I continued to grow. I later found a job as an engineer in Greensboro with the record label “Kick Boys Entertainment”. After landing the job my managers/ coworkers E (ig: kickboytripple), Shutta (ig: iamshuttaboyofficial), and Eman(ig: itsonlyeman) taught me how to mix and chop beats giving me the chance to work on signed artist 6sur’s first official project “Made For This” (on all streaming platforms). And with this knowledge I used my free time to punch in and out, mix and chop, my second project, “Let’s Get It Then” which is also on all major streaming platforms with one feature from my manager and the owner of “Kickboys Entertainment”, E, better known as “Kickboy Triple”. As of now I’m still working and in the mix of finishing up my second project “No Title” the tape with something special coming soon for the lovers this month. Follow me on Instagram @famous.dubb and Twitter @Bigdouble_ and I appreciate the chance to give you guys a run down on me and my life.