Kodak Black Gets Engaged

Kodak Black Gets Engaged

photo credit:  DFree / Shutterstock

Kodak has had a very eventful week following his release from prison. We all heard the phrase YOLO (you only live once), well in this case, Kodak isn’t wasting any time being single.

While introducing their relationship for the first time, it appeared that the two rappers also announced an engagement at the same time. Mellow Rackz shared a video of Kodak holding a ring, and a video of a plane with a message that read, “Might as well marry me Melody…I love you.” On the video she wrote, “I said yes.” Early Sunday, Mellow shared a photo of them where it showed that he tattooed “Melody” on the back of his neck and she tattooed “Bill” near her jawline. She said, “You can’t tell me nothing because I prayed for this love.” Who is Mellow Rackz and where did she come from?

Mellow Rackz is a 19-year-old up-and-coming rapper. Despite the claims that she is a gold digger, Mellow took to her Instagram story to address the accusations. Mellow’s ex decided to share his thoughts about her quick engagement to the rapper on Instagram, slamming her for being a gold digger and doing “whatever for a viral moment,” before offering a warning to Kodak, “You gone lose her the same way you got her!! Stay woke!!!!”

Source: Kodak Black is now engaged to rapper Mellow Rackz … after lavish proposal involving airplane | Daily Mail Online