Oops! JT’s Old Tweets Resurface

Oops! JT’s Old Tweets Resurface

photo credit: solomon7 //Shutterstock

Be careful what you say on the internet because when you get famous, someone will dig it up. Before JT of City Girls had a chance to delete her now former Twitter account. Some disturbing tweets ranging from 2012-2017 came up. In these tweets she makes racial slurs, insensitive comments towards rape, and reckless opinions on other celebrities. After deleting her account, she took to her Instagram story to explain her decision and unveil her new Twitter account. “Nah all jokes aside stop searching them tweets cause I don’t feel like slapping a b**** back into the same year I was talking about them in!,” she wrote. Additionally, she shared a photo of herself holding a large purse, with the caption: “All my old tweets in that purse.”


Source: JT of City Girls Deletes Twitter Account & Starts New One After Old Tweets Resurface (hotnewhiphop.com)