Cardi B and her $88,000 Decision

Cardi B and her $88,000 Decision

photo credit: Kathy Hutchins // Shutterstock

This year has taken a toll on this nation not only mentally, but financially. Being in a pandemic has costed business to shut down permanently, schools to close and people losing their jobs. While there are many Americans who were already struggling to make ends meet, it has become more apparent since COVID 19 made its first appearance beginning of the year. We know during these times celebrities have tried to be a little more sensitive to their fans and supporters by not showing too much on what they have going on in their personal lives and even giving back to the community.

Cardi B. decided to pose a question on Sunday via Twitter saying, “Should I spend 88K for this damn purse? Omggg it’s tempting”. This question caused an uproar and people even questioned if she cared or donated or had done anything to help those in need. She was told to “read the room”. Cardi made note of how she’s no stranger to charitable contributions. In subsequent tweets, she mentioned her $1 million donation to coronavirus relief in April, how she gave away $1 million via Cash App in August, and how she supplied 20,000 meal supplements to New York City medical workers during the early stages of the pandemic. She also shared how this year put a strain on her own family, tweeting, “Also I got 7 uncles an 3 aunts on my daddy side,9 aunts and 3 uncles on my momma side a whole bunch of cousins I had to help cause of the pandemic.”

Eventually, Cardi offered an apology of sorts on Twitter. “Ok guys I apologize. There you happy ?!,” she tweeted. “I don’t see ya askin trump for a apology when he out here missing COVID meetings to play golf but [OK emoji].” Through it all, it seems Cardi maintained a sense of humor about the backlash and still plans on purchasing the bag. Adding a few laughing emojis, she jokingly asked, “Sooooooo……do ya want me to show ya the purse?”


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