DJ Khaled Turns Home into Preschool

DJ Khaled Turns Home into Preschool

photo credit: Jamie Lamor Thompson // Shutterstock

Due to the pandemic, many of us have been left to help our kids with online learning in the living room. From having to reteach yourself how to find Pythagorean theorem or spell out spelling bee words, it has been a hard time balancing their work, your work and household duties. Congratulations to the parents for getting through it this year! Now imagine if you had the whole class in your home. That itself sound like something I would not like to be a part of however DJ Khaled and his wife decided to open up their guest home to help out parents like us.

DJ Khaled facilitated a quarantined homeschooling arrangement for his 4-year-old and several classmates. The couple said they took it upon themselves to create a remote learning setup during the pandemic that provides some form of normalcy. “We have seven kids and two teachers, and it’s absolutely amazing. Nicole did everything. We turned a guesthouse on our property into a little schoolhouse,” said Khaled. “It’s perfect because we have a playground right there too.”