‘Melodies From Heaven’ Turns R&B

‘Melodies From Heaven’ Turns R&B

photo credit: Jamie Lamor Thompson // Shutterstock

We all love that classic gospel song ‘Melodies From Heaven’ by Kirk Franklin and The Family from 1996. It is a staple in the Christian community that spent 26 weeks on the Billboard top 100 charts. Kirk Franklin has been trending on Twitter and not for this classic song we all know and love, but for it being sampled in a new single by DJ Luke Nasty. This NC native is known for his singles ‘OTW’ and ‘Might Be’ which both contain samples from R&B artist. Going by his name, you can assume that this new single isn’t a gospel song. It is an R&B song called “Rain” which the cover art for it contains a woman standing in the rain with just underwear on. The sample in the song did not get cleared by Kirk Franklin though it was released. DJ Luke Nasty posted on Instagram asking for him to clear it with all due respect. Kirk Franklin did not respond to his request however he did post on his Instagram him playing the keyboard with vocalists singing ‘Melodies From Heaven’. At the end of the video, Kirk Franklin mentioned that that version was the only one that he’d acknowledge.

Since this release, Twitter has had a field day with the single. Some didn’t agree with the use of a gospel song on an explicit track and others really loved it. Either way, the track is getting plays just off of curiosity alone. Whether or not that was DJ Luke Nasty’s goal or not, he’s definitely trending for the single.