Adrien Broner Asking for $13

Adrien Broner Asking for $13


Earlier this month, Broner was thrown in jail after a court appearance in Cleveland, OH. This was regarding a sexual assault case two years ago at a nightclub where he forced himself on a woman and began kissing her. Broner was ordered to pay an $800,000 judgement but never did. He claimed to a judge that he only had $13 to his name but the platniff in the case pulled up his Instagram account where he was flashings stacks of money. Broner defended this video saying he just has rich friends that send him money. Being that Broner never paid the $800,000 he goes to Instagram for our help by saying, “Look everybody just CashApp me $13 so I ain’t got to make a #OnlyFans,” Broner said. “What ever you can afford will be helpful my $13 a** need it and I will be #Grateful.”

Not sure who donated to him or if he even created a gofundme page however he later posted, “We are $799,029 away from paying off my debt. With you all help we can get this done in no time,” Broner hasn’t had a boxing fight since January 2019, where he lost to Manny Pacquiao in 12 rounds. Since then, he has demanded that he receive $10 million for his next fight but has been unsuccessful in doing so and music as been what he’s been doing to pass the time.