Kanye Is Being Sued By His Staff

Kanye Is Being Sued By His Staff

photo credit: Liam Goodner // Shutterstock

Unpaid wages and failing to pay minimum wage and overtime seems to be unfair, right? Well, Kayne West’s opera staff isn’t seeing their money these days. Kanye put on an opera at the Hollywood Bowl last year which was a huge event. From the hair assistant, fashion designer, actors, background actors, and those hired to sit in as the audience, they are seeking $1 million. While this isn’t the first lawsuit Kanye has faced recently, in August Kanye was sued for $20 million by a company claiming he “stole” their technology for his Sunday Service concerts. He is also accused of getting MyChannel Inc to work for him for six months without paying them, while promising to invest $10 million into the company. No one on Kanye’s team has responded to the claims regarding the opera. Kanye did however announce he was running for President in 2024 after a failed attempt to run for this year.




Source: https://www.the-sun.com/entertainment/1740767/kanye-west-sued-opera/