New Bern’s Dodge City Market

New Bern’s Dodge City Market

Jane Dough met some dope people in New Bern!  #Duffyfield citizens, a small, close-knit and forgotten part of New Bern, takes care of each other even after #HurricaneFlorence.  The natural disaster raised questions about equality and knowledge of ones own rights.  Unfortunately, 700 families lost their homes and those who were fortunate to keep them, still need help.  Terre Holloway, the owner of Dodge City Market, a staple in the community, sat down with Jane and gave her a brief history of the unfortunate events that followed even after Hurricane Florence.

Christine Webster introduced Jane Dough to some residents in the neighborhood and they helped army veteran, Mr John, who was recently hit by a car, by picking up the trash around his house and weed wacking his front and back yard.  Christine explained that Mr. John is one of the few senior citizens she helps in her spare time and she even keeps some of them company when they need a friend.  In the video below, she goes into detail about the aftermath of Hurricane Florence and how there was no help from the city in the poorer part of New Bern.

This is why it is important to vote – especially when it comes to your city officials, city managers, sheriffs, aldermen, mayors, governors, senators, you get the picture!  If you still haven’t registered to vote for this year’s general election you have until October 9th!  If you need help, click on this link to Kiss the Vote!


Posted by Jane Dough on Saturday, June 20, 2020