Ex-Atlanta Police Officer Who Killed Rayshard Brooks Charged with Felony Murder

Ex-Atlanta Police Officer Who Killed Rayshard Brooks Charged with Felony Murder

Katherine Welles

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The officer that was fired for the killing of Rayshard Brooks in an Atlanta Wendy’s parking lot, has now been charged with felony murder. There are a total of 11 charges against Garrett Rolfe, the officer who shot Brooks in the back twice as he ran away.

After Rolfe shot Brooks, he failed to give timely first aid, exclaimed, “I got him,” and kicked Brooks as he struggled for his life, DA Paul Howard said.

The shooting took place on Friday night after Rayshard Brooks, 27, had fallen asleep in the drive thru line, causing other cars to have to drive around him. Police were called to the scene.

Body cams and witness videos caught the whole incident. Officers first arrived, waking Brooks up, and having him move his car to a parking space. Brooks tells the officers that he has had a few drinks and can leave the car in the parking lot and walk to his sisters house, which is close by. A sobriety test was given to Brooks, he then took a breathalyzer, which officers say indicated he had too many drinks to drive.

At this point, Officer Rolfe begins to handcuff Brooks. Video footage shows Brooks and the two officers grappling on the ground. Officer Brosnan attempts to use his taser, but Brooks grabs it. He then stands up, punches Officer Rolfe, who fires his taser at Brooks. Brooks begins to run away from the officers, with Officer Brosnan’s taser in his hand. Officer Rolfe chases Brooks, still attempting to stun him, but then switches his taser to his other hand, and grabs his gun, then firing the gun 3 times at Brooks.


Written: Clarke Jones

Source: CNN