B. Simone Addresses Plagiarized Book Scandal (VIDEO)

B. Simone Addresses Plagiarized Book Scandal (VIDEO)

Kathy Hutchins

photo credit: Kathy Hutchins // Shutterstock

B. Simone is back in the headlines, this time over her manifestation book, “Baby Girl Manifest The Life You Want,” which has since been removed from her website.

It has been revealed that parts of B. Simone’s book was actually content from various creators and authors. Some of these creators took to social media to revealed that their work was in Simone’s book without their consent.

Simone has made a video statement via Instagram saying that, when writing this book she outsourced a team to help create her vision for it. She continues to say, that the outsourced team did a lot of things without her knowledge, though she will still take full responsibility for what is happening being that she is the CEO.

Simone says that she has reached out to the creators from whom the content was taken from in an attempt to fix what has been done.

In her defense, Meek Mill took to Twitter accusing the black community of “cancelling” our own people too quick, when there are plenty of business that have stolen from us and “finessed”.


Written by Clarke Jones