Minneapolis Bans Police Chokeholds

Minneapolis Bans Police Chokeholds

Jeff Bukowski

photo credit: Jeff Bukowski // Shutterstock

After the death of George Floyd, the city of Minneapolis has agreed to ban the use of chokeholds by police. Officers are also required to report and intervene anytime they see an unauthorized use of force by another officer.

The agreement would require court approval and would become enforceable in court, unlike the department’s current policies on the use of force and duties to intervene. The agreement would require any officer, regardless of tenure or rank, to immediately radio or phone in from the scene the use of any neck restraint or chokehold to their commander or their commander’s superiors.

Similarly, any officer who sees another officer commit any unauthorized use of force, including any chokehold or neck restraint, must try to intervene verbally and even physically. If they don’t, they’d be subject to discipline as severe as if they themselves had used the prohibited force.

This is a great step of Minneapolis. This is now a change that should be applied to all cities across the country.

Source: WNCT