Ahmaud Arbery’s Case Will Go to Trial

Ahmaud Arbery’s Case Will Go to Trial


photo credit: AustenRisolvato // Shutterstock

On Thursday, the preliminary hearing for Ahmaud Arbery, the black man who was chased and killed while jogging in a Georgia neighborhood, was held. Lasting about 7 hours.  

Travis McMichael and Gregory McMichael, the two men who blocked off the road and killed Ahmaud, along with William “Roddie” Bryan Jr., the man who filmed the incident, have all been charged with felony murder in Ahmaud Arbery’s death. Probable cause was found for all three defendants and case will proceed to trial.

William Bryan told investigators he heard Travis McMichael use a racial slur after shooting Ahmaud. In the past, Travis has been seen using racial slurs on social media and in text messages.

Source: CNN