What Is Black Out Tuesday?

What Is Black Out Tuesday?

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June 2nd is #blackouttuesday across Instagram. This movement was called into effect by a number of record labels within the music industry, including Atlantic Records, Capitol Music Group, Columbia Records, Def Jam, Universal Music Group, Sony Music, Warner Records, and Interscope Geffen A&M. These labels all pledged to cease business activity on Tuesday in an effort to reflect and figure out ways to move forward in solidarity.

Blaackout Tuesday is to be used to share links for petitions to sign to push change, share links to where people can donate to help the black lives matter movement or even protestors who have been arrested during this time, along with other organization in line with the message of bringing equality and justice to this country. Use this day to post numbers people can call or text to insight change like the D.A. of Minnesota, Mike Freeman to demand the prosecution of all of the officers involved in the death of George Floyd. Calling local official within your city as well to insight the changes you would like to see made.

Some are saying the #BlackOutTuesday is going against the movement, as it blacks out social media instead of flooding it with information, videos, images of what’s happening in the country. Russell Simmons shared during the Apartheid in South Africa, they cut radio communications to stop uprisings in different parts of the country. He related that back to our current state, saying that this black out is being used as a ploy to slow down the tension and our movement within this country. He suggests to post the black screen to show your support but still continue to post your content to continue pushing the message. 

This is also a voting day for many states: Indiana, Iowa, New Mexico, Maryland, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Montana and Rhode Island. Important information for people in those states.

On top of protesting, bringing awareness and other ways we are out here trying to bring change to this country, we must still exercise our right to vote. especially now. 

The next day to highlight, is July 7th, Black Out Day. A day to show to the strength of the black dollar in this country. This is a day we will not make a purchase in this country.


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Written by Clarke Jones