Officer Who Had Knee in Floyd’s Neck Has Been Taken Into Custody

Officer Who Had Knee in Floyd’s Neck Has Been Taken Into Custody

Jeff Bukowski

photo credit: Jeff Bukowski // Shutterstock

Since Wednesday, the protest in Minneapolis, starting by the killing of George Floyd by a police officer Derek Chauvin, have grown and become more intense. Chauvin was fired, along with the 3 other officers involved, and now Chauvin has been arrested and charged with third-degree manslaughter.

Protest have started up in Los Angeles, New York, Denver and more big cities.

“The investigation is ongoing,” Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said, adding that he anticipated charges against the other three officers involved in the incident.

Many images and videos have gone viral of buildings set ablaze and people in the streets, as state police in body armor and riot gear are lined up. Protestors set the 3rd Police Precinct in Minneapolis, closest to where Floyd was killed, on fire while chanting George Floyd’s name and “I can’t breathe.”

On Friday, Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz spoke out, “As we put a presence on the street to restore order, it is to open that space, to seek justice and heal what happened,” he said. “I will not in any way not acknowledge that there is going to be that pain, but my first and foremost responsibility to the state of Minnesota is the safety and security of all citizens. We cannot have the looting and recklessness that went on.”

Trump has threatened to send the National Guard to Minneapolis, saying “when the looting starts, the shooting starts.”


Written by Clarke Jones