Offset & Reese Witherspoon Get on IG Live Together

Offset & Reese Witherspoon Get on IG Live Together

photo credit:YES Market Media // Quinn Jeffrey // Shutterstock

Two people you would never expect to see together, actress Reese Witherspoon and Migos rapper, Offset appearance on Instagram Live together on Monday night. Both have shows on the new phone-only streaming service, Quibi, that launched on Monday.

Reese can be seen on the platform narrating a nature show called Fierce Queens, while Offset is hosted a car show called Skrrt with Offset. The two bonded over cars. Reese shared that her father collected 1975 Cadillac El Dorados, which lead to Offset offering to buy what her dad has left if he’s not using it. Reese told Offset she would “hook him up” with her dad.

With Offset’s new found love in acting, after making a debut on NCIS: Los Angeles, maybe Reese can hook him up with some more roles too! That would be cool to see.

This quarantine seems to be bringing a lot of people together. We’re loving it!

Written by Clarke Jones