It’s Census Day! Required by Law

It’s Census Day! Required by Law

Maria Dryfhout

photo credit: Maria Dryfhout // Shutterstock

April 1st is Census Day.

Every 10 years we are required by law to complete a census form, to help shape our community for the future. The Census is said to help determine the number of representatives in Congress and how much money will go to federal, state and local governments.

Your participation will influence how much money will support school, infrastructure, public assistance and emergencies. Your participation is mandated by law. You are encouraged to complete the census by April 1st. If you don’t, the bureau will follow up with you.

“Almost everything that we do, the Census is important to the well being of our lives and I think that once people know that people say wow didn’t know that. I need to make sure,” said Marilyn Stephens, Assistant Regional Census Manager, U.S. Census Bureau

The 2020 Census is available in 12 different languages. You can complete it by mail, phone, and online.