ESPN’s Doris Burke Tests Positive for COVID-19

ESPN’s Doris Burke Tests Positive for COVID-19

Leonard Zhukovsky

photo credit: Leonard Zhukovsky // Shutterstock

ESPN NBA analyst Doris Burke has tested positive for the COVID-19 but says that she is symptom-free.

Burke has been struggling with the illness for the past 2 weeks after initially having illness concerns and being tested on March 17 but she did not find out until 8 days later. She initially started feeling symptoms on March 11th, the same day the NBA shut down play after Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert tested positive for the coronavirus.

“Man, I am so tired right now and my head is pounding,” Burke recalled thinking. “And looking back, those were my symptoms. And we’ve heard so much about shortness of breath, fever, tightness in your chest, chills, body aches, etc. … That really was my primary symptom throughout this was this extraordinary fatigue.”

She told Wojnarowski the fatigue was so bad that she could not be out of bed for more than five minutes from March 14 to 17.

She is now symptom-free.

Source: ESPN