Trump Wants to Have American Back Up by Easter

Trump Wants to Have American Back Up by Easter

Evan El-Amin

photo credit:  Evan El-Amin // Shutterstock

Tuesday is day 9 of the 15-day effort to stop the spread of coronavirus. 

Trump is hopefully wishing for the country to be back up and moving by Easter, which is 3 weeks away. Health experts do not believe it is possible by that date.

One option under consideration by the administration is recommending that people under 40 go back to work on a yet to be determined date, followed by those ages 40-50, and so on, according to sources briefed on the internal discussions who were not authorized to speak about the plans publicly. Sources say that the restrictions for those 60 and older and with underlying conditions could be significantly longer.

Also pulling back restrictions based off location and limiting public transportation.

Many of these new talked about lesser restrictions go against the advise of the health experts who have publicly stated that the worst is yet to come. 

Source: ABC News