Trucking industry key to keeping economy afloat during COVID-19 pandemic [VIDEO]

Trucking industry key to keeping economy afloat during COVID-19 pandemic [VIDEO]

Photo Cred: Jane Dough/Shamill Franklin

WTRF is reporting that the trucking industry could be key to keeping the economy afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many are driving overtime and traveling across the country, despite the health risks, are working extra hard in helping the stores stay stocked with supplies.

However, have any of us been considerate enough to think about where these drivers are getting food and rest? Restaurants have allowed for more drive-thru and delivery options, but there are still limited choices for those driving a semi-truck. Gas stations and grocery stores are convenient, but most shelves are empty, due to panic buying from the public.

The Department of Transportation have loosened restrictions on how long drivers can be on the road each day so supplies can be hauled quickly, but it’s putting more pressure on them. There are limited food options for them, since most shelves at grocery stores and gas stations are empty and some rest stops are closed. Truckers fear their health is at risk, but rest areas that are still open are doing their best to increase sanitation.

  • States are beginning to close their rest stops amid the threat of coronavirus. Pennsylvania, which closed all but 13 stops to truck parking, is the most notable case.
  • Truck drivers say these closures are forcing them to scramble for parking at night, as well as a place to use the restroom and fill up on water.
  • Rest stops are a key place for drivers to sleep at night. Truck drivers aren’t able to park their vehicles anywhere to rest while on the road.

The American Trucking Association is calling on the government to make sure they keep rest stops open and provide guidance for the health of drivers, including possible testing for COVID-19.


Source: WTRF  & Business Insider