The NFL Makes Changes to Marijuana Suspensions Within the League

The NFL Makes Changes to Marijuana Suspensions Within the League

By ElRoi

photo credit: ElRoi // Shutterstock

Team owners have approved the Collective Bargaining Agreement for players of the National Football League will no longer face the possibility of being suspended due to positive marijuana tests. The agreement must now be approved by the NFL Players Association.

The new policy would narrow the window when tests can be administered from the current four months to just two weeks at the start of training camp. Also, the level of THC for what qualifies as a positive test will also be increased from 35 nanograms of carboxy THC per milliliter of urine to 150. Essentially, this decreases penalties and does away with suspensions for anyone who tests positive. The new Collective Bargaining Agreement also states that “a neutral decision-maker” will be the one to officially make the disciplinary decisions which decreases commissioner Roger Goodell’s disciplinary power.

Other important points in the CBA that will take effect include a 17-game regular season, shortened preseason, a new revenue share, increased roster size and new playoff format. The new playoffs will move up from six teams per conference to seven, only top seeds in each conference gets a bye week.

Source: Hypebeast