U-Haul offers free month of free self-storage to college students

U-Haul offers free month of free self-storage to college students


Photo Cred: U-Haul Twitter

Duke, Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Berea College and Cornell University are just a few of the colleges and universities that have made it mandatory for students to vacate their on-campus housing for the rest of the semester. Many students are having a difficult time trying to find last minute housing, storage and transportation.  U-Haul stepped up and not only will the company offer a free month (30 days) of free self-storage to students, but they’re also offering several options which include special rates for truck and trailer rentals.
Students can reserve a U-Haul truck, trailer or a U-Box — a portable moving and storage container that can be stored in U-Haul warehouses — by showing the company their college IDs.  Students can also get Collegeboxes, a kit of five standard-sized boxes, shipped to them for free. Once the boxes are packed, U-Haul will pick up the boxes from a dorm or apartment to be shipped anywhere across the globe or stored in a U-Haul facility.
“The 30 days free self-storage offer is typically extended to communities impacted by a natural disaster,” U-Haul said. “This marks the first time U-Haul has extended the offer Company-wide.”

Source: U-Haul Twitter