Future is Suing Alleged Baby Mama, Eliza Reign

Future is Suing Alleged Baby Mama, Eliza Reign


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Future has had enough of Eliza Reign talking bad about him. The “March Madness” rapper has filed a defamation and invasion of privacy lawsuit against his alleged  baby mama. Let us remind you that Future has not yet taken a DNA test for this child, a baby girl that was born back in April 2019.

When first announcing she was pregnant, Eliza claimed that Future put a hit out on her because she would not have an abortion, which he says is a lie that is hurting his brand and causing substantial emotional distress.

Future also say Eliza is speaking to the public about their sexual relationship to gain clout and get money out of him, confirming that they did have a relationship between 2016-2018, but added that he would have never slept with her if he knew she would kiss and tell. The rapper says the things Eliza has revealed “constitute a shameful and outrageous invasion” of his rights to privacy. He says Eliza “cares only about increasing her popularity in an attempt to rise to fame and gained the economic proceeds there from on the basis of her private sexual consensual relationship” with him.

Future wants the foolishness to stop!

Source: Blast