WHO Declares Coronavirus an International Public Health Emergency

WHO Declares Coronavirus an International Public Health Emergency


photo credit: hxdbzxy / Shutterstock

With more than 6000 confirmed cases, the coronavirus has been declared an international public health emergency by the World Health Organization. In China, where the virus began, there have been more than 7,800 cases with 170 death, it has also spread to 18 countries.

The U.N. health agency defines an international emergency as an “extraordinary event” that constitutes a risk to other countries and requires a coordinated international response.

With this being a global emergency, more money and resources are requited to contain the virus. Governments may begin travel and trade restrictions.

There have been 5 reported cases in the United States.

The coronavirus is a combination of large families of viruses that usually infect animals, but can sometimes evolve and spread to humans. Symptoms for people with coronavirus tend to include fever, coughing and shortness of breath, which can evolve into pneumonia.

Written by Clarke Jones

Source: Los Angeles Times