Offset Crew Members Arrested on Gun Charges

Offset Crew Members Arrested on Gun Charges

Arturo Holmes

photo credit: Arturo Holmes // Shutterstock

Offset and his crew were detained on Wednesday night after cops received calls of a person with a gun in an L.A. shopping center. Allegedly the person had a gun inside of the parking structure and was leaving the scene. A black male wearing all black.

When cops arrived, they claimed to have seen someone in Offset’s crew matching the description. Police then searched the SUV, finding 2 loaded handguns. All 4 members of the group, including Offset, were detained since no one claimed the guns.

Eventually 2 men admitted to the guns. One being arrested for carrying a concealed firearm, the other arrested for possession of a firearm by a prohibited person.

Written by Clarke Jones

Source: TMZ