At Least 5 Cases of Coronavirus in the U.S.

At Least 5 Cases of Coronavirus in the U.S.


photo credit: hxdbzxy // Shutterstock

The deadly coronavirus that originated in China, has now made its way to the United States. At least 5 cases have been seen in the U.S., the most recent being in Maryland.

The virus, which has no vaccine, has killed at least 106 people and infected more than 4,500, according to CNN. Nearly 60 million people are under partial or full lock downs in Chinese cities. Starbucks has closed nearly half of their 4,300 stores in China due to the virus. Outside of China, there are more than 70 confirmed cases in 17 different places.

The coronavirus is a combination of large families of viruses that usually infect animals, but can sometimes evolve and spread to humans. Symptoms for people with coronavirus tend to include fever, coughing and shortness of breath, which can evolve into pneumonia.

Written by Clarke Jones