Kappas Not Happy About Boosie Wearing Their Letters

Kappas Not Happy About Boosie Wearing Their Letters

Jamie Lamor Thompson

photo credit: Jamie Lamor Thompson // Shutterstock

Boosie is back at it again! The Lousiana rapper is in the hot seat after showing up to a Houston Rockets game in a crimson and cream sweatshirt with the Kappa Alpha Psi letters on it. Boosie took to Instagram to post his fly fit. He even included #KAPPAFRESH in the caption, paying a little homage.

Kappa members on the other hand, were not pleased at all. Boosie stepped out confident wearing the colors Kappa’s earned the privilege to wear and we all know, Boosie did not pledge.

Either way, Boosie took to Instagram after it was all said and done, to say “I was n the mall looking for red n saw the sweater n it was hard. Yes I knew it was a Kappa sweater. I thought I would get love from wearing it not hate. Calm yall as down bra I was just getting fresh #leavemealone”

My question is, don’t the Kappa’s use his songs though.. They could have given him a pass.

Written by Clarke Jones