Baltimore Congressman Elijah Cummings Passes Away at Age 68

Baltimore Congressman Elijah Cummings Passes Away at Age 68

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Baltimore Congressman Elijah Cummings has passed away at the age of 68 from complications concerning longstanding health challenges. Cummings was a key figure in investigating President Donald Trump, as the two were seen over time battling it out. Cummings was also the Chair of the House Oversight and Reform Committee.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi started her weekly press conference on Thursday by remembering Elijah Cummings, calling him a powerful voice and the “North Star” of the House of Representatives. Cummings fought passionately and unapologetically for civil rights and social justice.

“When Elijah Cummings would stand up in the state legislator, in the house of delegates as it’s called there, the room would fall silent,” Pelosi said. “Everyone wanted to hear what Elijah has to say. ”

“Elijah was a fighter for low income and prescription drugs, reaching across the aisle to do so. He always chose to reach across the aisle and treat all of our colleagues with respect and even had dialogue with the President for a while on this subject.”

Many other members of congress remembered Cummings, sharing their praises and positive words.

Cummings had been absent from Capitol Hill in recent weeks while under medical attention. In 2017, he underwent aortic valve replacement. The surgery led to an infection that kept him in the hospital longer than expected. He was later hospitalized for a knee infection, but he said this summer that his health was fine.

Source: Baltimore Sun