Meek Mill Is Off Probation, Criminal Case Closed

Meek Mill Is Off Probation, Criminal Case Closed

By Arturo Holmes

photo credit: Arturo Holmes // Shutterstock

Meek Mill has officially ended his 12 year criminal case. The Philly rapper plead guilty to a misdemeanor possession of a firearm without a license, on Tuesday, resolving the one case that has kept him on probation all of these years. The remaining 6 charges that were on his original conviction were all dropped.

By taking the plea, Meek skipped over having to go to trial, which was highly unlikely anyway based off how much time has passed since the original charges were given more 10 years ago and the arresting officer being labeled a dirty cop.

Meek said Tuesday’s hearing, “I’m extremely grateful that my long legal battle is finally behind me and I appreciate that it has sparked a much-needed discussion about probation reform and the inequalities that exist within our two Americas.”
He added, “I have always told the truth — that as a teenager, who saw many around me die from senseless gun violence, I carried a gun for protection. I take responsibility for that and – in conjunction with my work on the REFORM Alliance – I’ll continue to use my platform to make communities safer and reform our criminal justice system.”