Tekashi69 Will Soon Testify, Fears For Family

Tekashi69 Will Soon Testify, Fears For Family

By Heikki Wichmann

photo credit: Heikki Wichmann // Shutterstock

Next month will come the time for Tekashi69 to testify in court against his alleged kidnappers from 2018. Suspects in the case have plead not guilty and claim that 6ix9ine made the whole thing up.

Anthony Ellison, formerly part of Tekashi’s management team, is the one claiming its all fake. Cops believe he is afflicted with the Nine Trey Bloods gang Tekashi was associated with.

Sources say that his is the man Tekashi is about to testify against and is very nervous about his mother and brother’s well-being. He’s worried about his own well-being behind bars as well.

The rapper is currently behind bars on federal racketeering charges. He has already snitched to the feds about the Nine Trey Bloods, so he is required to cooperate with the Feds.