ASAP Rocky’s Trial Begins, New Video Surfaces

ASAP Rocky’s Trial Begins, New Video Surfaces

By Andrea Raffin

photo credit: Andrea Raffin // Shutterstock

After spending 3 weeks in a Swedish jail and officially being charged with assault causing actual bodily harm, ASAP Rocky’s trial in Sweden has begun, and now video of ASAP’s bodyguard choking the victim has surfaced.

According to TMZ, the alleged victim admits striking A$AP’s bodyguard with a set of headphones, but only after the bodyguard lifted him off the ground by his neck, so the prosecutor viewed the headphones attack as self defense. The bodyguards actions towards the man are not in the initial video.

The new surfaced clip, which was recorded by a restaurant surveillance camera, shows the victim, Mustafa Jafari, being warned to leave Rocky and his crew alone and stop following them. When he refuses, ASAP’s bodyguard puts his hand around Jafari’s throat. After this, the 19-year-old swung a punch at the bodyguard and hit him with his headphones.

Mustafa Jafari spoke during Tuesday’s proceedings, stating that he “felt like they were going to beat me to death.” Rocky previously called the men “a few drug addicts [who] are not my fans.”

Two of Rocky’s crew members have also been changed with the same crime and will be on trial as well.

Written by Clarke Jones

Source: Complex