ASAP Rocky Has Been Charged in Sweden

ASAP Rocky Has Been Charged in Sweden

By Andrea Raffin

photo credit: Andrea Raffin // Shutterstock

After spending 3 weeks in a Swedish prison, ASAP rocky has been charged with assault causing actual bodily harm and if convicted he could spend 2 years behind bars. This all stems from the streets fight he had with 2 men who followed and harassed him and his crew. ASAP will be held in the Swedish prison until his trial is done.

The trial could start as early as today, but a date has not been set yet. Prosecutors say the trial will be held within next 2 weeks though, and it will last about 3 days. 

Two of Rocky’s crew members have also been changed with the same crime and will be held pending the trial as well.

The Swedish prosecutor said he’s reviewed the video and also talked to witnesses, and determined the claims by Rocky and his 2 crew members of self defense and provocation didn’t hold water, despite the fact the alleged victim is the one who unrelentingly harassed and attacked Rocky and his crew first.

According to TMZ, the alleged victim admits striking A$AP’s bodyguard with a set of headphones, but only after the bodyguard lifted him off the ground by his neck, so the prosecutor viewed the headphones attack as self defense. THe bodyguards actions towards the man are not in the video, but the interesting things about it is that they body guard has been cleared.  if the prosecutor really felt the bodyguard was the aggressor he would have been presumably charged. right?

The man who caused the whole incident will not be charged with any crimes, even though he is on video harassing ASAP and his crew. 

As for Donald Trump trying to help, the Swedish government told him to butt out. 

Source: TMZ