ASAP Rocky Being Held Under Inhumane Conditions in Sweden

ASAP Rocky Being Held Under Inhumane Conditions in Sweden

By Andrea Raffin

photo credit: Andrea Raffin // Shutterstock

Last week, a video of ASAP Rocky and his crew fighting with 2 men, while in another country, went viral. The two men appeared to be harassing and following Rocky & his crew as they walked the streets. One of the men even physically attacked a member of their crew. All caught on video.

Despite the video proof, ASAP is being currently being held in a Swedish jail for 2 weeks while prosecutors decide whether to charge him for aggravate assault.

A treaty between the U.S. and Sweden, the Vienna Convention for Consular Relations, allows ASAP the right to see a official from the U.S. Consulate but when the official arrived, he was denied access. When they finally were able to see each other, ASAP and the official were unable to have a private conversation.

While in jail, ASAP has been sleeping o a yoga mat with no blankets. The water is not clean, the food is not edible, and for the first 5 days, ASAP only ate an apple a day. There is also another prisoner in the cell with him who has severe mental issues. He slams his head against the concrete walls and hurls feces everywhere, which is not cleaned up.

Sources say ASAP’s team is trying to get the State Department involved, but they Swedish courts have denied that.

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Source: TMZ