Jussie Smollett’s Team Claims to Have Proof the Attack Was Real

Jussie Smollett’s Team Claims to Have Proof the Attack Was Real

By Jamie Lamor Thompson

photo credit: Jamie Lamor Thompson // Shutterstock

in the case of Jussie Smollett, his legal team has released some new details.

During the investigation, text messages between Jussie and the brothers were released. These text led to police believing that Jussie was working with the brothers to coordinate the attack. The text from Jussie to Abel read, “ Might need your help on the low. You around to meet up and talk face to face?”

Jussie’s team says this text has nothing to do with the attack. It was actually a text about a herbal steroid that is illegal in the US. Jussie wanted Abel to buy the pills when he went to Nigeria. The pills are a herbal steroid that reduces belly fat. 

Jussie’s team says that after receiving the text messages, Abel even googled “banned supplements” and “steroids.” 

There was also a phone call made from Jussie to Abel after the incident. Jussie called Abel to give him a heads up that detective would be calling him to verify Jussie’s timeline of the day. Earlier during the day of the attack, Jussie called Abel to set up a training session. Jussie’s team wants to clarify each phone call made, since the media made it look like Jussie and Abel were trying to make the attack look real. 

After the attack, Abel text Jussie saying, “Bruh say it ain’t true. I’m praying for speedy recovery. S**t is wild. [prayer emoji].” – Jussie’s team says this text proves the attack was real.

They even added more about the race of the attackers, claiming a nearby security guard at a hotel saw the 2 alleged assailants running from the scene of the attack wearing ski masks. When the guard flashed his light on one of them, he saw his eyes and nose, telling the cops the person was white.

All of this information is in the police documents according to Jussie’s team.

Does this new information change your thoughts?

Written by Clarke Jones

Source: TMZ