Jussie Smollett Could Be Charged Again for Faking Attack

Jussie Smollett Could Be Charged Again for Faking Attack

By Jamie Lamor Thompson

photo credit: Jamie Lamor Thompson // Shutterstock

Chicago is STILL not done with Jussie Smollet. The former Empire actor can now be prosecuted for allegedly faking his attack earlier this year.

The judge said in his order, “If reasonable grounds exist to further prosecute Smollett, in the interest of justice the special prosecutor may take such action.” Adding, “unprecedented irregularities identified in this case” warrants the appointment of a special prosecutor.

What “irregularities”? The judge said the State’s Attorney, Kim Foxx, screwed the case up after recusing herself, because of comments she had made about the case, there was no one in her office properly overseeing the case.

Jussie was originally charged with 16 felony counts of lying to the cops after his attack during which he was attacked by 2 men who beat him, poured bleach on him, put a rope around this neck and yelled racial and homophobic slurs at him. The charges were all dropped suddenly by the State Attorney Kim Foxx.

Kim Foxx responded to the order, saying, “I respectfully disagree with the court’s conclusion that, in the absence of any conflict, the appointment of a special prosecutor is required.” She continued, “As always, I remain committed to transparency, justice, and the public safety of the communities we serve.”

Source: TMZ