The Boondocks Are Coming Back!

The Boondocks Are Coming Back!

By lev radin

photo credit: lev radin // Shutterstock

Boondocks is back! More good news, the original series creator, Aaron McGruder, is back as well! The reboot is described as a “complete re-imagining” of The Boondocks “for the modern era.”

The announcement was made this week at the 2019 Annecy International Animated Film Festival. The new reboot will follow the adventures of Huey Freeman and his family against the evil local government now ran by tyrant Uncle Ruckus, taking place in the fictional Woodcrest County, Maryland.

Last month, John Witherspoon, the voice of Grandpa, revealed that the show was back in the works. Calling it “one of the best cartoons” he has ever been apart of. Being that the amazing Regina King not only voices, Huey, but Riley too, I couldn’t imagine the show coming back without her! It has not yet been confirmed who all will be returning.

The Adult Swim show, is based off of McGruder’s comic strip, The Boondocks, originally premiering on Cartoon Network’s late-night programming in November 2005.

Written by Clarke Jones