Yo Gotti Ordered to Pay $6.6 Million in NC Artist Lawsuit

Yo Gotti Ordered to Pay $6.6 Million in NC Artist Lawsuit

By JStone

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Yo Gotti tried to run off with some money and it sadly failed! A North Carolina judge has just ordered Gotti to pay $6.6 million to another rapper after he blew off a recording session with the artist after pocketing $20,000.

According to a judge’s order, obtained by TMZ, Gotti got $20k to sing on a Young Fletcher track back in 2016, but then refused to release the song, and instead recorded a similar one on his own. He then went so far as to try going behind Fletcher’s manager, attempting to poach the artist for his own label with a $150k deal.

Yo Gotti was served with a lawsuit last year while onstage, but he never answered the suit. Recently, on Tuesday, the judge issues a $2.2 million judgment, but the figure was immediately tripled, because the judge found “willful, unfair, and deceptive acts.”

Attorneys for Young Fletcher’s manager, Michael Terry, say they’ll go after Gotti’s cars and his Bel-Air mansion, if need be to collect the money.

I hope that track was worth $6.6 million.

Written by Clarke Jones

Source: TMZ