Meek Mill Goes for Another Retrial

Meek Mill Goes for Another Retrial

By Randy Miramontez

photo credit: Randy Miramontez // Shutterstock

The DA’s office in Philly has filed new documents in Meek Mill’s case stating that Judge Brinkley’s biases towards Meek have been evident throughout his whole case and Meek should be retried in his probation violation case. They even pointed out that she appeared at one of his court-ordered community service events. A job that is usually done by probation officers not judges. 

According to the docs, Brinkley also “abused her discretion” when she hit him with the 2 to 4 year sentence for “technical violations” of his probation. After being release, Meek appealed and asked for a new trial. Still, she has repeatedly refused to recuse herself from the case.

Even the D.A. says Meek serves no threat to the community, and had completed drug treatment, therefore, deserves another shot in court.