Offset Escapes Studio Drive-By Shooting

Offset Escapes Studio Drive-By Shooting

By hurricanehank

photo credit: hurricane hank // Shutterstock

On Wednesday, Migo’s rapper Offset was in an Atlanta recording studio when a drive-by occurred.

Witnesses say the drive-by happened shortly after Offset went outside for a break. A few minutes later, gunshots could be heard. The shots came around 9p, the bullets damaging 3 vehicles as well as the building’s exterior and at least one apartment window. There were reports of someone getting shot in the leg, but officers were unable to locate the victim.

When cops responded to the call, witnesses say that Offset was there recording, but by the time they got there, he was already gone. One witness says Offset may have been the target of the shooting.

Offset has not spoken out yet but they will be reaching out as they investigate.