Soulja Boy Sentenced to 240 Days in Jail

Soulja Boy Sentenced to 240 Days in Jail

By hurricanehank

photo credit: hurricane hank // Shutterstock

Soulja Boy sentenced to jail for probation violation

Soulja went to court today. His lawyers said he had an awakening in jail, he’s been locked up 20 days now. But the judge sentenced him to 240 days in jail, abut 8 months, and 265 days of community service for probation violation. 

A few months ago, a young lady accused him of kidnap. He charged was a hoax, but cops still had to search his home. They found ammunition in his house.

The sentence will start right away. He will be given 40 days for time served. 

The judge told Soulja he was originally considering sentencing him to 2 years in state prison but decided to give him some leniency. The judge also acknowledged that Soulja’s missed out on business opportunities while behind bars.

Written by Clarke Jones