Wendy Williams Cutting Kevin Off Completely

Wendy Williams Cutting Kevin Off Completely

By lev radin

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Wendy may have just served Kevin Hunter with divorce papers but it seems she’s been preparing to ease him out of her life for a little while now. Sources say Wendy is cutting Kevin completely off from her money and has hired a team to make sure all of her finances are secure.

Wendy has created all new accounts, separating her money from his. She has even locked in her own place in Manhattan. She signed her lease a few weeks ago and has already paid the rent for the next year.

As for their business relationship, Kevin has been Wendy’s manager and business partner for a while now, but Wendy has ultimately decided to end the relationship as well. She is currently looking for a new manager. Kevin has also been let go from the show.

Congrats to Wendy!

Written by Clarke Jones

Source: TMZ