R. Kelly Allegedly Only Has $625 to His Name

R. Kelly Allegedly Only Has $625 to His Name

By Jamie Lamor Thompson

photo credit: Jamie Lamor Thompson // Shutterstock

Last month, Kelly was put in jail after letting his child support payments stack up to $161K. He ended up paying it & being released. He attempted to get his payments lowered, claiming he could no longer afford $20K a month. The judge set that hearing date to May 8th, until then, he was ordered to continue with his already set payments. 

Apparently he has missed his last 2 months of child support payments to Drea, which are about $20K a month.

In addition to child support, Kelly was sued by the landlord of his Chicago studio for over $200,000 in back rent. The landlord won a $173,000 judgement, which triggered Kelly’s creditor, Midwest Commercial Funding, to seize some of Kelly’s bank accounts, as well as issue subpoenas to Sony; the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers; and Kelly’s other banks to see where they could recoup their losses.

As a result of the subpoenas, court documents revealed that Kelly’s account at Wintrust Bank is now at a balance of negative $13. Over $150,000 in holdings were also sucked out of Bank of America, leaving just $625 in Kelly’s pair of accounts there.

Written by Clarke Jones

Source: The Source