J.T. Barber Elementary School in New Bern Approved to Be Year-Round

J.T. Barber Elementary School in New Bern Approved to Be Year-Round

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The Craven County Board of Education has just unanimously voted for J.T. Barber Elementary school in New Bern to become year-round.

The change means that students will go back to school on July 22 this year after approximately five weeks of summer vacation. Under the new schedule, students will attend class for 45 days followed by three weeks of vacation.

According to J.T. Barber Principal Erica Phillips, during one of the three vacation weeks the school will provide extended learning for students that need extra intervention and support. For the second vacation week, the school will work with parents to pay for childcare at the local Boys and Girls Club, said Phillips. The final week of vacation will align with traditional school calendar holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and spring break.

Calendars for the upcoming schedule change with be sent out Tuesday, April 16th. The calendar can also be accessed on the school’s website, www.cravenk12.org/JTB.

I, Clarke Jones, grew up only going to year-round school and I loved it! My elementary, middle and high school were all year-round schools.

Written by Clarke Jones

Source: New Bern Sun Journal