Wendy Williams Files for Divorce from Kevin Hunter

Wendy Williams Files for Divorce from Kevin Hunter

By lev radin

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Wendy Williams has officially filed for divorce from husband after nearly 22 years of marriage.

Sources say Wendy served Kevin with the divorces papers at 6:30 a.m.

Many us of may have been waiting on this move from Wendy but it is still a shock being that she was so “ride or die” for her marriage and husband even when she returned to her show from a 2-month hiatus, last month. Acknowledging the rumors that have been going around concerning her husband having a mistress, Wendy never confirmed nor denied the rumors but told the audience, “I’m still very much in love with my husband,” she said. “Don’t ask me about mine.” Pointing to her wedding ring, Williams added, “It ain’t going anywhere. Not in this lifetime.”

Soon after, Wendy announced that she was actually living in a sober house during her 2-month hiatus. Wendy has always been open about her past with addiction to cocaine. Following her announcement, word started that her husband’s affairs are what triggered her to check into the sober house. A few days later, blogs reported that Kevin’s mistress Sharina Hudson had given birth to a baby. This was just last month.

Williams and Hunter met at a skating rink in 1994, tied the knot three years later and welcomed their son, 19-year-old Kevin Hunter Jr., in 2000.

Written by Clarke Jones

Source: Page Six