Tekashi69 Is Trying to Get Out of Jail Early

Tekashi69 Is Trying to Get Out of Jail Early

By Heikki Wichmann

photo credit: Heikki Wichmann // Shutterstock

Tekashi69 wants out of jail! But he’ll have to rely on his fellow TreWay members to do so. The very people he snitched on.

If the other men who were arrested with Tekashi strike plea deals, then he trial would be called off. At that point, Tekashi’s lawyer will ask the judge to grant him time served, being that he has been locked up since November. If the judge says yes, Tekashi will walk free since he has fulfilled all of his obligations cooperating with the feds.

So far, Tekashi and his former manager, Shotti, are the only ones to pled guilty. The other defendants are scheduled to go to trail this September. One defendant has filed a motion to dismiss the charges, so its clear to say, he’s fighting for his freedom.

Written by Clarke Jones