Apple Announces “Apple Card” and Apple TV+

Apple Announces “Apple Card” and Apple TV+

By Robson90

photo credit: Robson90 // Shutterstock

Apple has just taken Apple Pay to a whole new level. During their Apple Event on Monday, Apple has announced its new credit card service,  Apple Card in connection with MasterCard

The card will have no card number, no expiration date and no CVV security code. It will work worldwide, anywhere Apple Pay is accepted and the costumer service will be available via iMessage. The card will also give you 2% back daily. No late fees, no annual fees, no international fees and no over limit fees.

On the visual side, the card is titanium with laser etching.

We all knew it wasn’t long before another streaming service popped up, and here is Apple’s Apple TV+, with original content from Steven Spielberg, a new series with Jennifer Anniston and Reese Witherspoon entitled, “The Morning Show,” and more. There will also be Apple TV channels including HBO, Showtime and more, with on demand and ad-free content.

They also announced a new game subscription, Apple Arcade, based off the App Store that will include over 100 new, exclusive games for a monthly fee.

Written by Clarke Jones